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Patient Stories

What Parents Are Saying

"Last night, Daniel asked for the book he wanted for bedtime story - "Goodnight Gorilla", he answered questions and named all the animals. Then he prayed in the sequence I usually do "Thank you for Daddy, mummy, grandma, Daniel and John". He also requested to dress up for John and carried John when he ran away 😂. I was very impressed. He's at the stage where he has so much to say. Just wanted to let you know because I know how much you invested into Daniel."

Truly one of a kind:

"Christina has been such an integral part of my son's progress in language development. She is patient, creative, and knowledgeable in speech and language therapy. She works well with children with various backgrounds and abilities. She tailors her therapy to meet each child's needs and offers practical guidance on family reinforcement at home."

Daniel, 4 years old 

Bilateral Cochlear Implants

Elijah, 9 years old
Autism Spectrum Disorder

Christina started with our family when our daughter just didn't seem to be checking off all the boxes on her developmental checklist and as new parents my partner and I felt overwhelmed and eager to get our daughter on the right path. Christina serviced our daughter in our home and immediately bonded with our family. We set goals together and she consistently gave us bite size strategies we felt comfortable with to use with our daughter to meet those set goals. Within two months our daughter was already dramatically talking more and we as a family had our fears and concerns erased as she continued to make immense progress. A year later, she is now a much stronger speaker and communicator, better yet she never wants to stop talking and letting her personality shine! Christina was a vital piece in our daughters speech development and we are forever grateful.

Scarlett, 3 years old
Late talker

I just want to give a major shout out to Christina, Speech Therapist, for the last year and a half spent with my twin daughters. Christina is a real professional in that she is very knowledgeable about her field, passionate about what she does and most importantly she loves the children she works with and really cares deeply.   Because of her unconditional support both of my daughters benefited greatly in terms of their overall communication abilities. I am more than thankful for for Christina for her dedication to my daughters.  If you are looking for in depth personalized service, Christina can meet and exceed your expectations as She does mine!

Bethlehem and Bruk, 3 years old
Born at 23 weeks gestation, Late talkers


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